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drvn passengers choose us because of our commitment to offering elite, chauffeured black car service. We accept nothing less than the highest standards for our fleet and chauffeurs.

Each trip with drvn ensures that you will receive the same high-quality service that you would expect from the world's extensive network of chauffeurs.

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a chauffeur is an easy choice

You need to reserve a black car. Now.

What to do? Sure, you can download and install an app. That’s always fun. Tick tock, tick tock. Or you use drvn. Easy choice. drvn will not leave you wet and grrr - fumbling on the curb trying to work an app in the rain while your flight boards. Uh, uh - that’s the other guys. drvn’s private car reservations system is fast, intuitive, non-intrusive, and efficient. Dare we say, fun?

app downloads not necessary

drvn is the better way. Our intuitive online black car reservation interface is, simply, the best. No need to visit the app store. Just click on the link to reserve. Make a reservation. Track your car. Receive text updates. Car comes. Travel to your destination. It’s that easy. Or, you could still be tinkering with an app. Waiting on your cab or rideshare. I don’t know, I may just be partial? (Come ooon.)

car reservations just a click away

No matter where you are on the drvn site, you’ll find the familiar bronze car reservation button. Click. Instantly, you are led to our simple, but mondo powerful, reservation engine, powered by moveo’s proprietary technology. (You can also begin your reservation here, above.) Boom. Your car’s there. When you want it. How you want it. Oo-la-la.

real human customer service

Go ahead - Google 'black car reservations near me.' Other car companies force you to visit an app store, enter personal information, what your favorite coffee maker is, and waste your precious time. Okay, okay, you say. Easy private transportation reservations are the central bragging point of all online private car apps. But most fall short, because again - they’re apps - not people. Who really wants to fight with the robot on the other line? Not me. drvn is built to not drive you, your IT, finance, and travel departments insane.

help is here

Should you need help, guess what? drvn has real live humans on the line, not a rabbit hole of voice prompts and submit buttons. Ick. Who needs it. 24/7/365, drvn’s ride specialists are available to help you change or add reservations, vehicles, update you, whatever you need.

frequently answered questions

How far in advance do I have to book private car service?
You may book drvn’s private car service up to two years in advance. For sedans and SUVs, you may book up to two (2) hours before pick-up time, depending on the market. Sprinters and vans require a minimum of six (6) hours before pick-up time. Minibuses, motor coaches and specialty vehicles must be booked at least 72 (seventy-two) hours in advance. All vehicles are subject to availability by market.
When do I get charged for private car service?
Private car services may be charged up to 48 hours in advance of the pick-up time. Tolls, accrued wait time, parking, and applicable port fees are billed as additional charges within 24 hours after the service has been rendered. Certain higher occupancy and specialty vehicles require a deposit as set forth by the terms agreed upon at the time of booking.
How can I book private car service?
You may book private car service by live chat, email via our contact page, right here online, or by phone at (888) 960-4442 or (305) 442-4442 for calls outside the U.S. and Canada.

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