private car service for groups

Your group transportation started as an intimate five and grew to an unwieldy fifty-five in minutes. Eee gads. Here’s the good news: at drvn, our super duper large group transportation is scalable up, down and sideways, because life happens - and who amongst us doesn’t want to go to the annual retreat in Cabo?


group transportation for VIPs and executives

There are roadshows, and there are roadshows. Oh, and corporate events. When you have a converging gaggle of executives or (hopefully) a luxury retreat, you require 100% scalable group transportation services. For premium, private car service at an affordable price, choose drvn chauffeur service.


charter buses and large group transportation

Are you packing the office, the extended family, the entire team up for traveling? A convention? A retreat? A run for the border? You don’t need ‘just’ a motor coach, you need a luxurious motor coach with wifi, bluetooth, usb chargers, and clean, comfortable seats. You need a private charter bus chauffeured by drvn.

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minibus charter transportation for groups

drvn’s charter minibus service is the perfect accoutrement for small groups. Our top ‘o the class transportation for groups is first in comfort, convenience, scalability, on-time, and on-schedule performance. You expect the best service when you charter a minibus; only drvn group transportation delivers, every category, every time.

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Sprinter charters for smaller groups

Perhaps the most utilitarian vehicle in a car service’s arsenal is the Sprinter. Why? Because it serves up to 14 passengers with unparalleled convenience and provides luxury at a cost-saving premium. When you choose drvn’s Sprinters, and you will because we’re awesome, you receive that sumptuous luxury, space to stretch, and a world-class chauffeur.

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