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No one said New York airports are great. Well, maybe the mayor did. No worries. With drvn, you land and high-end NYC car service awaits. We work to preserve chauffeured service and have mastered demands for a posh, safe, and disinfected experience.

app free if you wanna be

We’re in the private car business, not the app biz. Book and manage your reservation from your phone without another app. Who needs it. Receive a text to the GPS mapping of your chauffeured vehicle. Off you go into the New York Night. Or Day. Easy.

one stop shop

Seriously. New York airport transfers, Broadway, restaurants, or a night cruising. drvn delivers a primo chauffeured black car service NY to discerning passengers, global companies, high-profile executives, sports teams and, yes, the less discerning.

human concierge service

We have humans, not machines, when you call. With drvn, if you have questions, problems, changes, or maybe just want the warm glow of human contact, you will speak with one 24/7/365.

sedan to Sprinter

Long story short: we drop you or your entire group off at JFK and drvn’s same five-star black car NYC service will be waiting curbside when you land in Barcelona. Or vice versa. We take you wherever you want, whenever you like.

"I have terrible luck. Last week my chauffeur ran off without my wife."

Henny Youngman

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chauffeurs in NYC

Manners matter. We believe old-school manners are always in fashion. It is etiquette that provides sterling black car service NYC. Fastidious screening and training is the reason why our professional chauffeurs are skillful drivers and provide superb service.

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long distance
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Meet fly drvn. Your city-to-city alternative to air and where your health-safety meets en route productivity. Move door-to-door between New York and Philly, Boston, D.C., Cleveland - anywhere. Faster and in disinfected comfort.

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black cars

We got seats. Clean, leather, lavish ones. Real life chauffeurs too. NY sedan service or a New York SUV limo, drvn offers fleet options to meet any group size.

We like to call it our ‘ground armada.’
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"Wow, I'm so excited for my performance appraisal today!"

Said no one ever.