This NYC street at sunset is colorful and bustling. Experience the beauty of any city with drvn global chauffeured service.

make no mistakes

There are chauffeured services and there is THE CHAUFFEURED SERVICE. What makes drvn different (and the best chauffeured transportation company), you ask?


From the moment you order your car, feel the drvn difference. Our elite car service is simplicity and luxury melded, whether you’re in a Town Car or Escalade. Don’t let that deceive you. Meet the team.

our black cars, and service, are bar none

Step in. drvn is more than a pretty face, not that we’re not pretty. We are. Our cars are immaculate. Our drivers, discreet and friendly. From the moment your chauffeur opens the door and you settle into plush, luxurious leather seats, you’ll notice the difference. Complimentary water and USB chargers are standard. Relax.

experience drvn chauffeured comfort

Now, sit back. With drvn, your comfort and peace of mind are our priority. We’ll getcha there. Punctually, comfortably, and nary a hitch. We track your flights, gates, and accommodate any itinerary changes or adjustments. We’re there before you are.

but first, safety first

When it comes to our chauffeured transportation services, there is nothing more important to us than your safety. Our cars are sanitized after each passenger. Our drivers follow our COVID-19 protocol. We spare no effort to ensure your safety. It’s that simple. Our drivers are trained and hold the highest safety ratings in the black car service industry.

then, our passenger logistics technology 

The drvn platform is sine qua non. We’d tell you how it works, but then we might have to kill you. Not really - but it is proprietary. drvn’s chauffeured service is powered by a turbo-charged backend behind each car, enabling you to order and track your car simply, without downloading and cluttering your phone with another app.

...and what you don’t see, you still get

Your confirmation and by-the-second tracking are relayed by encoded texts. All your private information is 100% 256-bit secure. Phone numbers are masked via a SNS (Single Number System). You manage and experience the most sophisticated 24-hour car service - from airport to across the state - without being a programmer. We do that, by providing simultaneous, real-time location coordinates.


No problem. Our trained, professional ride specialists are standing by 365/24/7. If you need help, a change, or anything else, we're there to help. We’re not showing off. Uh-uh. Just ask Carnival Cruise Lines, the Grammys, or any of our other trusted partners.

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"You’ve got to be very careful if you don’t know where you are going, because you might not get there."

Yogi Berra

We'll drive.

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