kid's diagram of car driving point to point

Our bread and butter. What drvn was bred to do.


one mile or 1,000

drvn makes efficient transportation, well, efficient. No more misplaced drivers, stand-by angst, or drop-off and pick-up confusion. Go online and enter your pick-up time and place, where you want to go, your vehicle preference, and off you go. It’s that easy. 

like a genie, without the lamp

drvn understands that point to point transportation is more than getting you to a conference, lodging, airport, or seaport on time. It is also about being both efficient and flexible. No matter what, we take care of the details, starting with a drvn five-star chauffeur arriving in a snappy, disinfected vehicle. Once seated, we take the best route for scheduled stops. Unscheduled stop to pick-up some sushi or visit the Met? We harmoniously meld your itinerary. Your wish is our command.

we’re real humans

Our team is always on call, and we’re not talking about a sinkhole of voice prompts. drvn is literally at your fingertips, on your phone, at home, or back at the office. We provide failsafe communication to handle all facets of your journey. From last minute changes to planning months ahead - we’re on top of it. 

for everyone

We also understand it is not always me, me, me. Schedule trips for your most important client (you), your team, VIPs, or board members. Forget your loved ones at your own peril. We’ll get your kid to school, or your spouse to the spa.

"All mankind is divided into three classes: those that are immovable, those that are movable, and those that move."

Benjamin Franklin

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