airport van

drvn perfected airport shuttle service for small groups with private Sprinter service.

Passenger icon 6 to 14 passengers

Baggage icon 8 to 14 bags

Mercedes Sprinter or similar

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airport minibus

drvn minibus airport shuttle service can be customized for your small group outing or transfer.

Passenger icon 15 to 36 passengers

Baggage icon 20 to 30 bags

Grech or similar

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airport bus

drvn motor coach airport shuttle service can be customized for large groups.

Passenger icon 37 to 55 passengers

Baggage icon all of your bags

Van Hool, MCI or similar

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private airport shuttle to and from your hotel

Here’s a pet peeve. We do not like waiting on the curb. You don’t either. At drvn, we will never make you. Pick-up or drop-off, your drvn chauffeur service will be punctual and you car, prepared - our seats plush and peerless. How do we do it, you ask? Easy. Our professionalism and world-class airport shuttle transfer means you leave when you’re ready, and arrive when you like. In comfort. In style. With a minimum of hassle. What’s wrong with that? Nothing. 

private airport shuttle services vs. ride-hailing

The difference between a chauffeured airport shuttle service and rideshare? Let’s put it this way: what’s the difference between Nobu and Burger King? Nuff said. When you slip in the back of a drvn chauffeured vehicle, from black car to Sprinter, you’ll immediately experience the comfort, calm, and class of our premium chauffeured black car experience. Public shuttle bus? Ha…nope. That’s for the next guy. You’ll recline in a clean, quiet seat of a drvn car or coach for your group. 

Meet intercity car service.

airport shuttle transportation for groups, events, and cruises

Sometimes we travel with large, unwieldy groups. Family vacations. College reunions. Cruises. Furloughs (kidding, you don’t do that). No matter the reason, the importance of efficient, easy-to-manage itinerary tools for airport group transportation are tantamount. Do you really want to be stuck at an airport in Honolulu with your entire family? No. That’s why at drvn, we developed a state-of-the-art platform to manage every part of your ground transport. From pick-up to drop-off, and everything in between. 

airport shuttle transfers for the corporate traveler

You’re busy. We get it. We are too. As a business executive or harried travel manager, you require efficiency and punctuality above all else. Great news, drvn has developed a backend that puts the purr in perfect. Our online booking is a matchless live-manifest management for executives and travel managers alike. Sounds too good to be true? Guess again. Our cutting edge back-end and world-class comfort are standard-issue. 

“You know…the airport is the only place you can walk around with no shoes, a glazed look on your face, and sleep on the benches and no one judges you.”

Coriander Woodruff

Cringe-free ground transport.