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Benefits of Choosing a Black Car Service

What is black car service?

Black car service is defined as a ground transportation service that dispatch luxury and executive vehicles at pre-arranged times for predetermined rates. Black car service is provided to passengers with a licensed chauffeur or driver (differences between chauffeurs drivers), and yes, these vehicles are traditionally black in color. 

What are the benefits of hiring black car service? 

Professional car service, chauffeured service, executive car service, private car service, and luxury car service, are all basically interchangeable terms for black car service. Regardless, the 5 common denominators for all car services, and black car service in particular, are: 1) you don’t have to worry about driving to get there, 2) you don’t have to worry about parking when you get there, 3) you don’t have to worry about being picked up again after you are finished there, 4) you don’t have to worry about getting home from there, and 5) you don’t ever have to wait whether you are here or there. Black car services’ no-wait attitude also helps take the edge off of traffic jams when you do have to wait. Once reserved, you can expect a black car to arrive on time and be waiting for you to climb onboard. 

Black car service extends beyond the traditional private car world of sedans and SUVs, which are standard fare. Today, black car service vehicles include Sprinters, high-end minibuses and motor coaches - black car service for groups of all sizes. In the black car industry, all vehicles, regardless of capacity, arrive in a pristine state - cleaned and disinfected. 

Are black cars safe during COVID-19?

COVID-19, like many viruses, is spread through both air and direct contact. Without delving deeper, if you simply think about the sheer number of touchpoints (kiosks, IDs, bins, seats, etc.) and people (TSA, gate agents, baristas, baggage handlers, etc.) you come in contact with on any form of public transportation, you have made a compelling argument for private ground transportation as a wiser choice from a health-safety perspective. Traveling in the era of COVID-19, and considering what the transportation industry might look like once we are on the other side of the pandemic, it is not hard to come to the conclusion that the reliability and health safety offered by black car service may be just as important tomorrow as it is today. 

Black car service narrows your points of contact (humans and things) to one car and one chauffeur. 

What makes black car service different from rideshare?

Though both are linked up with a single driver, and a single vehicle, black cars are driven by professional chauffeurs. Rideshare drivers are for the most part moonlighters with no professional training. Though there are a fair number of great rideshare drivers, there is no substitution for professionally trained chauffeurs.

In addition, black car service vehicles (especially drvn’s vehicles) are sanitized and disinfected between each trip (front, back and outside). This is an industry protocol that has been in place for years and has been upgraded by CDC recommendations on disinfecting. Rideshare has never had cleansing policies or protocols and the industry was founded by explicitly being laissez faire with respect to vehicle and driver cleaning habits. To rideshare’s (both Uber and Lyft) credit, they have stepped up their game and have published solid protocols for drivers during this pandemic. Enforcing them is another matter.

How is black car service better for travelers with special needs?

With respect to travellers that have special requirements or needs, black car services (especially drvn’s services) are more convenient than rideshare and all forms of public transportation. This is especially true for travelers with unusual service requirements that can be vehicle specific, e.g. special equipment, car seats, wheelchairs, extra baggage and other items or circumstances that would necessitate one vehicle over another. When booking or making a reservation, the vehicle selection process allows you to configure what your vehicle will require to accommodate your requirements - from additional trunk space to reconfigured seating. 

Though all black car companies are different, here at drvn, we offer Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAV) upon request and can configure SUVs and vans or any service segments for service requests. Drvn chauffeurs are trained to handle special circumstances, special equipment, special seating, and special people. 

 What are the other benefits of black car service?

Black car service should not only be about reliability, safety and courtesy. It should also be about relationship building. The drvn patent-pending logistics platform was built to serve both the passenger and the chauffeur for delivering a seamless hassle-free ride experience. When passenger service does not have to focus on transportation challenges and communication, drvn chauffeurs and ride specialists can focus more on reliability, safety, courtesy and, of course, you

That centrifugal idea creates a culture for us that yes, we find to be highly beneficial. Because of this culture, we are able to serve more considerately and in a more precise and personalized way. 

We know it isn’t just about black cars - it's about the people inside them. 

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