This business woman is in a hurry eating her sandwich and knows that a private driver in Los Angeles is the way to go in this city.

imagine los angeles with a private driver


Possible scenario uno. Oh, good. You’re in Los Angeles for a convention event at the Design Center, taking meetings, or passing through on our way to Burning Man. At night, it’s events in Venice. Crazy. Thirty stops in three days, a gazillion details to attend to. Public transportation? Ah, nope. Uber? Nah. Rent-A-Car? Ixnay.

This business man looking at his watch knows that a private driver in Los Angeles is the best ground transportation option.

yep, you need a chauffeur in LA


Possible scenario dos. The roadshow. Twenty firms in three days. Events. Uber? Hope you don’t forget your presentation in the car, ‘cause you’ll never see it again. You could walk, too. But, a private driver in Los Angeles...would be perfect. Sound too good to be true?

Or, have one black car, or Los Angeles luxury bus transportation, with a professional who ferries, waits, and drives when you’re ready 24/7.

Be drvn.
Being chauffeured by a robot is the perfect display of our private driver in Los Angeles services. Technology meets tradition.

hire a private driver in LA

Be smart. drvn takes the old saw, only the rich can afford a chauffeur, and flips it. Now, you may have a chauffeur. So ask yourself: is there a private car service near me in Los Angeles? Yup, drvn. Provide us with your likes, dislikes and schedules, and we provide a primo chauffeur for you. Sedan or SUV, an elite chauffeur awaits 24/7/365.

chauffeur service los angeles

Be convenient. drvn, Los Angeles’ premier chauffeur black car service, is ideally suited for the discerning Los Angeles passenger who needs a personal chauffeur at their beck-and-call for a day, a week, or longer. (for the passenger who prefers not to call a rideshare six times a day, then wait to see if they show up)

the ‘be calm’ car service los angeles

Yep, be calm. Here’s how it works to secure a black car in Los Angeles: Access our VIP Portal, enter your coordinates and pick-up time, and open-ended or finite duration. Click to reserve. That’s it. We do LA everywhere. Errands. Roadshow. Night on the town. All or none. It doesn’t matter. drvn is your LA chauffeur black car solution.

it’s luxury car service los angeles...

Be comfortable. drvn Los Angeles black cars are ne pas ultra, nonpareil, da bomb. We take your comfort and convenience seriously. With drvn, you choose a sleek S series, a spacious Escalade, or larger still for a big group. Our drivers are elite and discreet. They provide a level of convenience and luxury previously reserved for the few.

without the luxury car service LA cost

Be prudent. Does a black car in Los Angeles have to cost an arm and a leg? Nope, it doesn’t. We absolutely flay the competition. It’s that simple. The cost of drvn’s LA personal driver services are affordable. It makes any other option for your personal chauffeur service in Los Angeles seem ludicrous. Don’t just be driven.

Be drvn.

“In Los Angeles, everyone is a star.”

Denzel Washington

We’ll drive.