luxury sedan

Reserve luxury sedan New York cruise port transportation to and from the airport or anywhere in between.

Passenger icon 1 to 2 passengers

Baggage icon up to 3 bags

Mercedes S Class or similar

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luxury SUV

Reserve luxury SUV New York cruise port transportation and start your vacation off stress-free and in luxury.

Passenger icon 3 to 5 passengers

Baggage icon up to 5 bags

Cadillac Escalade or similar

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luxury van

When cruising with family, drvn Sprinter service is the perfect New York cruise port transportation for small groups.

Passenger icon 6 to 14 passengers

Baggage icon 8 to 14 bags

Mercedes Sprinter or similar

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charter bus

Need New York cruise port transportation for your large group? Minibus and motor coach options can be customized.

Passenger icon 37 to 55 passengers

Baggage icon all of your bags

Van Hool, MCI or similar

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ahoy mate, your NYC cruise transfer is here

Heading down to the docks on the Hudson, are you? Gonna get out of dodge aboard 45,000 tons of sin and sloth? Good for you, but you don’t wanna be late. And most certainly not for your cruise. They WILL sail without you.

Yet, here you are, boxed in midtown gridlock. And you haven’t even hit the West Side Highway. Fogettaboutit.

Black car service New York is the perfect solution. That’s us.

New York cruise port transportation is easy

NYC presents unique challenges, one of them should not be arriving on time for your cruise. Reservations at Per Se, yes. Missing your embarkation to paradise, nope.

Our chauffeured black cars take you and your family, the best group transportation service NYC, to the gangplank, on time and in style (if you call that Hawaiian style).

drvn is founded on a simple principle: cruise to your cruise in a comfortable leather seat with a professional private driver. It’s our grail to make your quest painless, luxurious and economical, in a city where a premium exists on all three.

Traveling between New York City and don’t wanna fly? Be chauffeured. Go drvn long distance car service instead.

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airport seaport transport extraordinaire

The Westside Terminal will remain a necessary evil until which time we have Star Trek transporters. In the interim: drvn NYC airport car service is your stress free gateway to the gangway.

Our invisible technology platform navigates the unforeseen and adjusts in real-time. You can think about the Congo line, the buffet and your line-dancing moves. We don’t judge.

a cut above other New York cruise terminal transportation

Each of our five-star New York chauffeurs are licensed to service each and every seaport in the world, but we don’t stop there. They are trained on the most stringent safety protocols. Our cruise port transportation services are safe and convenient. We don’t like to brag, but sometimes, well, we have to.

Don’t believe us? Compare. Seriously, what are you waiting for? Private, chauffeured seaport transfers. Let’s do this.

“There is no unhappiness like the misery of sighting land again after a cheerful, careless voyage.”

Mark Twain

Car service for New York cruise port.