possible scenario uno


Oh, good. You’re in New York with your director to scout locations for your new film. And then social engagements at night. Thirty locations in three days, with a million details to attend to. Not a hundred thousand. A million. Public transportation? Ah, nope. Cabs? Uber? Rent-a-car? Yeah - nope. You need one personal chauffeur on-call for the entire time. But how?


possible scenario dos


How about a roadshow in Atlanta? Twenty firms in two days. Call an Uber each and every time you need to visit another investor on your tour of the town? Then wait. And then wait some more. Cool. Hope you don’t forget anything in the car, ‘cause you’ll never see it again. You could walk too. So many options… You’re kidding, right?

Or - you can hire a personal chauffeur - in a clean, classy black car - to do all the ferrying - only for you! We’re waiting - when you’re ready.

Be drvn.
Personal chauffeur service cartoon

be smart

A new take on an old idea. In lieu of the heavy commitment and cost of hiring both a full time personal chauffeur and owning your own luxury black car, drvn cuts the load and becomes your personal chauffeur for hire. By providing us with preference details and ride feedback, our platform AI, together with our ride specialists, select a series of primo career chauffeurs that fit your needs.

Even while you might not get the same driver every time, you will be building your stable of chauffeurs for 24/7/365 coverage. Together and forever, they are professional, courteous, discrete and elite. And your sedan or SUV? Disinfected, posh, new, and black.

be convenient

drvn is ideally suited for the discerning passenger who needs a personal chauffeur service at their beck and call for a day, a week, or longer, and prefers not to call a rideshare six times a day, staring at an app to see when, or if, they show up.

be calm

Here’s how it works: Register for an account to access our VIP Portal or simply click that reserve button at the top of the page. Order your service. Errands. Roadshow. Night on the town. All of those. Or none of those. It doesn’t matter. drvn’s personal chauffeur services are the solution. 

be comfortable

drvn cars are ne pas ultra, nonpareil, da bomb. We take comfort and convenience to the pinnacle. You get the idea. Here’s what you get. A lush, sleek S series. Or, a spacious Escalade. Talented and discreet drivers. A level of convenience and luxury that was previously reserved for the few. No jokes here, folks.

be prudent

‘Must cost an arm and a leg.’ Right? Nope. We flog the competition senseless. It’s really that simple. The cost of drvn is not only affordable, it makes any other option for your personal chauffeur service seem ludicrous. Don’t be stranded - and we are definitely not rideshare.

Be drvn.

“I can't really remember the names of the clubs that we went to.”

Shaquille O'Neal (when asked if he visited the Parthenon while in Greece)

We'll drive.