keep employees healthy

Health-safety has become a priority in the workplace and the physical office - Well, it’s going to become less frequented. Business pundits project the forward trend is that more companies will seek efficiency and safety in a mix of flex-time and the work-at-home model. In incorporating these components into future strategies, employee transportation will become more important than ever.

Hello, refrigerator, teleconferencing, and way more convenient employee perks.

Be smart.

it’s go-time for employee transportation services

Companies still need direct, face-to-face collaboration in order to remain innovative and effective. Whether that translates to fewer days per week or simply offset schedules, the days of nine-to-five are so yesterday.

More Zoom, less hanging out at the water cooler.


hello to the private, clean employee commute

Goodbye, public transportation blues. Employee health considerations are major challenges for companies - especially in markets where public transportation remains the sole means to commute. Short of donning a HAZMAT suit, health-safety practices are virtually impossible on public transportation - and this is where employee transportation services shine.

Be safe.

the drvn commute elixir

Given the new COVID paradigm, smart employers will organize and subsidize home-to-office employee transportation services. At drvn, we get this. With an eye towards these challenges, we engineered cost-effective transportation for employers, teams, and lone wolves.

Bottom line, a drvn commuter is time-efficient, travel-productive and touches home plate safe. Our solutions are built to accommodate regardless of team size and travel distance.

The drvn commute revolves around core employee issues: health, safety, efficiency, productivity, flexibility, and ROI.

Be drvn.
The key advantages of an employee home-to-work transportation program:

Staff stickiness?

A fabulous employee benefit, which builds loyalty that’s hard to leave.


Fruitful moments?

More quiet and productive time than found in any other transportation mode.


Employee territory?

A benefit that casts a much wider geographic net for top talent.


Away from the salt mine?

A WiFi-powered environment, prized by employees, better than the office (or home).


CapEx problem?

Nope, non necessary - and re-investable savings from OpEx efficiency.


Budget impact?

Yup, add it up: benefit value + direct savings +indirect savings = substantial ROI.


Net CO2 zero goal?

Realize a net reduction in your company’s employee carbon footprint.


There and back?

Public transportation doesn’t do door-to-door, but drvn does.

Too complicated?

drvn customizes and simplifies employee transportation solutions.

“I'm just another guy who likes his job and doesn't like his commute.”

Keith Hernandez

We'll commute you.