kid's diagram of car driving start to finish for hourly service

by the hour or day


What to ask from an executive transportation car service when exploring? Day-tripping? Chance encounters? Not so chance encounters? Never forgotten? Best forgotten? Fleeing angry mobs? 

Good question. Time-segmented car service, that what. You choose the time, place, or wait. We provide our unparalleled black car, SUV, or armored car (angry mobs) service. The where’s and when’s are up to you.

kid's diagram of car driving point to point



Simply, it’s what drvn was built for. Our professional chauffeurs are trained in point to point transport, moving you economically in the height of comfort, style, safety, and punctuality. One mile or a thousand. The premier executive transportation service. We get you from where you’re going to go. Each time. Every time. 

kid's diagram of car driving to the airport, then to the seaport

air and seaport transfers


Seriously, you need executive transport from the airport and you’re going to wait for an Uber, Lyft, or your cousin, Esther? No, you’re not; let Esther be Esther. You’re going to call drvn for your port transfer. Why? Because we know the ins, and the outs - it’s what we do and we do it better. There. Back. Nary a hitch.

kid's diagram of a group of executives traveling from the office to a golf-outing in a chartered bus

group logistics


With the exception of homeschooling kids in a pandemic and working/playing on Zoom, little challenges transportation managers more than large groups and shifting schedules. drvn lightens the load. Powered by our logistics technology, we deploy real-time communication between our chauffeurs (or executive drivers *wink*), passengers, and team, constantly updating itineraries. Have a problem, we have actual humans to assist too.

kid's diagram of a sedan driving city to city



You think group logistics are bad? Meet the corporate roadshow. No matter for whom, no matter for how large or small, they’re a headache. drvn makes it easy.

Whether Beyonce with security-level drivers in LATAM, an IPO roadshow in eight cities, or the crush of a NYC Formula-E race (we’ve done all three), drvn delivers seamlessly and flawlessly.

“If your world doesn’t allow you to dream, move to one where you can.”

Billy Idol

frequently answered questions

What kind of private car services do you offer?
drvn’s most popular private car services include point-to-point, hourly, and all-day car service, for individuals, groups, events, airport or seaport transfers and other ride types. Our black car services are built for executives, teams of employees, and families who prefer health-safety, convenience, comfort and privacy when traveling. fly drvn is our city to city ground transportation alternative to air. The drvn commute service delivers a clean, cost-efficient, and convenient option for companies to transport employees in the new normal. All drvn services are VIP elite: driven by professional chauffeurs, in disinfected corporate fleet vehicles, and managed by trained ride specialists.
Does private car transportation offer a VIP service?
We are not rideshare. All of drvn’s global private car transportation services are VIP. We offer late model luxury vehicles, trained career chauffeurs, and an incomparable booking and passenger experience navigated with our proprietary platform which is engineered by our parent technology company, moveo.

"I don't care about the money. I'm just interested in the perks. I'll do a series if I am picked up by a limo, work only until 4, and the show is shot in Hawaii."

Harry Morgan

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