Private van roadshow services

drvn roadshows are road-resilient and built for configuration.


one person or twenty

managing roadshows is group transportation on steroids and is a serious challenge for transportation coordinators. Back-to-back meetings, multiple location pick-ups and drop-offs, late nights pressing the flesh, everything must be Swiss clock perfect - or pay the price. The delicate balance between coordination, rigidity, and flexibility must be managed, maintained, and pretty much mastered.

Enter drvn.

we handle the inevitable on the road

drvn’s proprietary AI-based technology manages roadshow problems automatically for on-the-fly resolution. Our platform untangles logistical challenges for our fleet cars, chauffeurs, passengers, destination changes, timing changes - without a hitch. We expeditiously respond and resolve transportation issues, so you can concentrate on your pitch.

...and the curveballs off the road

Need a little something else? I mean, who doesn’t? 

Our ride specialists are available around-the-clock to quickly resolve snafus, conundrums, and even the best late-night burger or bourbon. And guess what. Not anyone can be a drvn ride specialist. We are extremely picky. We’re even pickier when it comes to our chauffeur service. Each chauffeur is screened and tested to certify they uphold our drvn standard of professionalism, courtesy, and service. All together, drvn is the mother of roadshow services, helping you resolve even the stickiest challenges.

we will not be drvn wild

As mentioned, we provided transportation for Beyonce’s LATAM tour, which required security-level drivers and blindado vehicles in LATAM, coordinated a simultaneous IPO roadshow in eight North American cities, and managed the crush of a Formula E race in NYC. For each, we delivered flawless performance. And we’ll do the same for you. First time, every time.

Meet drvn. You are secure in every aspect of your roadshow transportation, from private security to traffic alliances. We handle it, so you’re free to focus on more important things.

"The world is round and the place which may seem like the end could also be the beginning."

Ivy Baker Priest

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